Our Story

EDGE helps brokers build a better business.

Our Story

EDGE on Demand started life as Alphabuyer, Inc., a group buying platform for bills that launched around the same time as Groupon. Alphabuyer’s focus was on non-discretionary expenses and was laser focused on the consumer marketplace. Our team of software development engineers built a cutting edge set of applications to manage a multi-category group buying platform. Alphabuyer’s launch category was power and gas. As a result, we applied for a electricity and natural gas broker in numerous states and became acutely aware of the challenges of both energy brokers and energy suppliers. During this initial phase, our engineers developed as much automation as we possible to facilitate scaling Alphabuyer in multiple utility regions.

Despite raising significant venture capital and receiving press (22 interviews, including broadcast tv and print), the economics of the non discretionary group buying model were not sustainable.

Our Pivot

Alphabuyer pivoted and we continued developing and redeployed significant code and launched EDGE on Demand’s platforms for energy companies.

Competitive Advantage

We are technologists who understand deeply the challenges of operating in a deregulated energy market.

We adopted the develop energy applications using the  latest software development architecture, python/Django framework, which is used by Google Search, YouTube and a other cutting edge technology companies.

We anticipate in advance the needs to energy companies operating in deregulated energy markets.