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Chrislynn Energy

“Since our move to EDGE on Demand, all phases of our business have become more efficient. Not only do we have a reliable place to host our CRM data, but now we have a platform to use the information; allowing our back office to excel and our sales force to push themselves. Our data has found a home with EDGE.”

AmeriGreen Energy

“In our entire move to galvanize and replace our previous system, the move to the EDGE platform was the one that I didn’t have to worry about. The Edge On Demand team had their deliverables in place a month before they were due and went above and beyond during the actual switch over.” VP, Electricity & Natural Gas.” – John Loercher (VP, Electricity & Natural Gas)

MidAtlantic Energy Services

Utility Rates Analysts

CreativEnergy Options

Power Logix

New America Power

United Commercial Energy Partners

Zingo Energy Consulting

Ohio Energy Consultants