CRM Spotlight

Get visibility to lead, prospect, and client activity on the fly.

Attach bills, LOA, LOE, Supplier Contract, and/or any document by dropping a file into the document app.

Load critical account and meter information in predefined fields.

Store and secure all information in the cloud leveraging Amazon EC2 technology.

Contact Management

Look up any lead, prospect, or clients on the fly.

Search by renewal expiration dates for all your deals.

See contract notes and revision history.

Lead Management

Upload an Excel sheet of leads in seconds.

Look up any lead source.

Batch upload levels.

Assign leads to your team.

Document Management

Attach a bill, LOA, LOE, contract, or any other document by clicking and dragging into the document application.

Use Edge’s cloud storage instead of folders on your hard drive to store documents.

Drag and drop or upload documents to each contract records in seconds.

LOA’s, LOE’s, contracts, bills can be viewed by your team in one place. 

Pipeline Management

See the status of all your deals by size, region, utility, agent, etc…

Know what moves you need to make to win. 

Task Management

An integrated task management system makes reminders and tasks easy to use.

All tasks are tracked back to clients/prospect and agents, creating transparency into agent activity.

All agent activities are logged and tracked in Sales Activity reports and dashboards.